Diversity & Inclusion

Tech Collective Scholarship Fund Overview

The Tech Collective is pleased to offer a scholarship program which will allow for women and minorities to receive financial assistance for training. This scholarship program, which has been generously funded by Citizens Bank, was established to further diversify the technology industry. Recent studies show than on average women represent fewer than 1 in 4 technology jobs. When looking at BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) community they account for less than 15% of workers. Our members are looking to grow the diversity of their technology teams. As technical career opportunities continue to grow, we need to increase the upward mobility of diversity candidates.

The Tech Collective believes that it is imperative to provide financial support for women and minority technology workers so that they can increase their knowledge base, gain certifications and improve their career trajectories. Many of these diversity candidates are in non-traditional career pathways and lack the financial means to complete all their required training or certifications.

The scholarship fund has been established, to assist those who would not otherwise have the means to participate. Small and micro businesses, who may not have the budget for training, may apply for these scholarships for their employees who qualify. This will allow for these companies to stretch their training budgets and provide training for employees who otherwise would have been deprived of these opportunities to advance their careers and knowledge base.

These scholarships will be awarded on a need basis and can be granted to individuals or companies that request assistance. Scholarships can be for full or partial payment of the training. Typical scholarships will be between $500 and $3,000. Each request will be reviewed on an individual basis.

The Tech Collective will continue to encourage and develop diverse populations to enrich the technology workforce.

Thank you to our sponsor for funding the careers and futures of Rhode Island talent